The following table provides a summary of key considerations when selecting your defense against indoor air pollutants. ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ is a patent pending, solvent free, self-priming, interior/exterior paint that is specially formulated to block, seal, absorb and capture odors and fumes from dangerous second-hand smoke such as marijuana, cigarette/pipe tobacco smoke, odor producing drug fumes, and other indoor air pollutants.

EOD Product Comparison Table white updated APPROVED2 - Product Comparison for Smoke Odor Removal

1) Standard cost per square foot is based on retail price per gallon, recommended coverage rate per gallon and combination of primer plus topcoat or all in one. (Labor costs have been excluded as the cost is similar for all)
2) Blind odor detection testing was conducted with the four brands listed above. The blind odor test samples were initially subjected to concentrated tobacco or marijuana smoke. Each sample was then coated with odor control products and allowed to cure for 7 days. The samples were randomized, arbitrarily labeled, and subjected to a blind smell test by study participants. The participants were instructed to smell each sample and were to report if they could detect any smoke odors.



Standard odor paint products rely strictly on a resin additive compared to the New ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ which uniquely formulates specialty odor blocking resins in-conjunction with premium natural chemical odor absorbers for a comprehensive specially formulated odor destroying coating proven in side-by-side testing to outperform other odor products. Providing fire, mold and mildew resistance with low VOC’s.


ECOBOND® Odor Defender™ is a patent pending, advanced formulation with specialty resins, food-grade mineral additives, and alginate from seaweed which are natures most effective blockers and absorbers of toxic pollutants.



So much more than just paint2 - Product Comparison for Smoke Odor Removal


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