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Recent News Stories from Clean Air Month Aligning with the Vision and Mission of ECOBOND® Paint, LLC to Substantially Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you hadn’t already heard, May was national Clean Air Month sponsored by the American Lung Association. Clean Air Month, started in 1972 aims to “educate people about the impact clean air can have on their lives and also encourages…
smoke odor removal from house

What You Can Do About Your Cleaning Products Activating Third Hand Smoke on Your Walls | Smoke Odor Removal From Your House.

Ever hear of Thirdhand Smoke? This phenomenon has been growing in concern and popularity in recent years, however, Thirdhand Smoke has been causing sickness for decades. Smoke and related chemicals are absorbed into the paint of the walls of…
Indoor Air Quality

How Eliminating Cigarette and Marijuana Smoke Odor from a House Improves Indoor Air Quality and Improves the Well-Being of Building Occupants

The EPA reports that Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors and as such, indoor air quality has huge effects on their well-being. There are many different indoor environmental pollutants, including smoke from cigarettes, marijuana,…