Recent News Stories from Clean Air Month Aligning with the Vision and Mission of ECOBOND® Paint, LLC to Substantially Improve Indoor Air Quality

minimizing indoor pollution
minimizing indoor pollution

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If you hadn’t already heard, May was national Clean Air Month sponsored by the American Lung Association. Clean Air Month, started in 1972 aims to “educate people about the impact clean air can have on their lives and also encourages people to take positive steps to help improve air quality- locally and globally.” (Whathealth)

ECOBOND® Odor Defender® aims to protects your family from the dangers of smoke, odor & other indoor air pollutants. Our vision is to deliver significant improvement to human health and environmental protection, established on integrity and excellence with a higher purpose. When toxic chemicals are mitigated from the walls of our houses, one of the biggest indoor pollutants is eliminated and brings us much closer to achieving clean air.

While the month is primarily focused on promoting healthy air for individual’s health, organizations across the nation have observed Clean Air Month in their own ways.  Here are some of the top stories about how #CleanAirMonth has been celebrated this year.


  1. Lime Scooter– Lime is an electronic scooter company who rents out self-servicing scooters, similar to Spin, Bird, and Skip scooters. These services already support the clean air movement by replacing short car trips with eco-friendly electronic scooter trips. Now Lime is doing even more to support clean air. In May, Lime in Utah became the exclusive beneficiary to the Utah Clean Air Partnership. Users of Lime scooters can choose to round up to the nearest dollar and donate to the Utah Clean Air Partnership. In addition, individuals in government funded low-income programs can get major discounts on Lime rentals, encouraging even more use of the eco-friendly personal transportation devices. Even if individuals can’t donate to the cause, they can still be a part of the move towards clean air.
  2. Schools throughout the nation are encouraging their students to be a part of Clean Air Month through poster contests. Spokane, Washington and Victorville, California held contests for the best #CleanAirMonth posters for students K-12. Students were encouraged to use their artistic skills in an academic setting to promote Clean Air Month and winners from Victorville were even awarded cash prizes. Check out some of the posters students made.
  3. This month, doctors in Fresno, California teamed up with Unmask my City to advocate for change in policies about air quality in the Fresno area. Doctors have seen enough respiratory issues in their patients caused by the air quality and are demanding policy changes and encouraging others to do the same for their local areas. In addition, they are fundraising for Asthma awareness with a 5k Bubble Fun Run in Fresno.
  4. Public Transportation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina has reduced 18 million miles that would be driven by individual cars by encouraging city transportation for commutes over driving one’s cars due to major construction in the city. Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation took this opportunity to encourage the city to be a part of Clean Air Month by ditching individual care and taking city buses. On average ridesharing in the city is up 3.5%, but some roads have seen a dramatic spike as high as 79%. All of these measures taken by Winston-Salem that are a part of #CleanAirMonth have reportedly reduced carbon monoxide emissions by 2.2 tons in one month.
  5. California’s Bay Area declared May 9 Bike to Work Day as a part of Clean Air Month. Californians all around the Bay Area observed the day with speeches by mayors, ribbon cuttings, and energizer stations handing out drinks and snacks to cheer on the bikers. The movement took social media by storm as Twitter was filled with tweets about #BikeToWorkDay with pictures from bikers during their commute. The Bay Area’s celebration even encouraged nearby cities to reduce their carbon footprint and plan their own Bike to Work Day later in the following weeks.

Clean Air Month has inspired many cities and groups of individuals to take action for clean air to improve individual’s health, and also for the general good of our environment. Has your community done anything for Clean Air Month? Let us know in the comments below.


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