Effective Ways to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana and Paint Over Marijuana Smoke in Your Home

Marijuana Smoke Odor Removal

We are all sensitive to scents. Our brain process smells in a way that connects this sense most strongly with memory and emotion. No matter how a home appears, it will not feel appealing when it is filled with unwanted odors, especially where you need to remove the smoke from marijuana. Whatever your opinion of marijuana use, and whatever the laws are in your area, the smell of marijuana is pungent and recognizable. How can you treat your home or property to eliminate the lingering smell of marijuana?  Damage from marijuana smoke can devalue our properties and make spending time indoors less pleasant. With a proactive approach, you can effectively treat current marijuana smoke damage and prevent further damage in the future.

Understand the damage marijuana smoke causes.

There is a widespread misconception that marijuana smoke is less harmful than tobacco smoke, but an increasing body of research shows that the effects of second-hand marijuana smoke can be as damaging as tobacco smoke in enclosed spaces. This may translate into negative health repercussions for children and others sensitive to its effects as well as a lingering residue that permeates all the surfaces of a home. Though scented sprays and other treatments may be temporarily mask underlying odors, you cannot count on these to treat underlying smoke damage long-term. Understanding of the severity of the problem is your first step toward effectively managing it.

During and after smoking, the smoke will end up traveling to other rooms and getting trapped on your walls….this will cause a very dangerous condition called “thirdhand smoke” where toxic brew of gases and particles clinging to smokers’ hair and clothing, not to mention cushions and carpeting, that lingers long after secondhand smoke has cleared from a room. You’ve seen the long-term impact of thirdhand smoke your entire life: yellowed walls!

According to a poll conducted by Marist College in New York, 52 percent of all Americans have tried marijuana some time in their lives. Additionally, more states are adding marijuana to their taxable income by making it legal medically. This is advantageous in some medical communities, but causes a serious issue in others, such as for those who must clean the lingering odor from the room. The part of the plant that provides that distinct smell is the terpenes, which holds onto the paint on the walls and the fibers of the carpet.

Cleaning Up the Carpets 

Grab some baking soda for the carpets. Sprinkle it over the whole carpet and allow it to sit for a few days. Return and vacuum the carpet. The smell should noticeably dissipate. If it stays, renting a professional steam cleaner may finish lifting the odor. Typically, this process should only require one treatment to make a noticeable difference.

The terpenes in the cannabis plant get into everything, lingering and creating an unpleasant stale smell. When treating the walls, the floor and ceiling must also be treated to ensure the smell is completely pulled out of the room. These simple hacks will work most of the time in helping a room smell clean.

Wherever you are going to smoke, always remember it is best to have a consistent flow of air; like a door or window open and the fans blowing. Getting rid of the smell as it’s produced can help later with the lingering smell of marijuana.

Address marijuana smoke damage and prevent future damage.

Just as with tobacco smoke damage, treatment begins with a deep cleaning. This will entail laundering and shampooing fabric items with an eye toward possible replacement of furniture or carpeting that is beyond repair.  Smoke coats every surface, and penetrates walls and ceilings, so be sure to thoroughly clean before repainting.

Before beginning house renovations or painting the interior of your home, you will want to scrub the walls with some all-purpose cleaner as to remove marijuana smoke residue from them before you begin painting so no marijuana smell or residue is trapped. If there is a place where the marijuana smoke or smell is active, you may want to wipe down the surface with some alcohol which picks the sticky residue right up and gives the affected surface a nicer, clean, smell.

NOTE: this is a massive task!

The Most Effective Way to Remove Marijuana Smoke

Painting over marijuana smoke

If you are going to do this before paining, why not just eliminate this step and use our Revolutionary & Innovative New Paint Technology: The Best Smoke Odor Eliminator Product in the Market Today!

ECOBOND® OdorDefender® is a professional-grade eco-friendly, odor-blocking paint designed for sealing & blocking dangerous odors and fumes from the effects of cigarette smoke, pot smoke, and fire as well as pet odors and substantially improves indoor air quality. Because odors are sealed, blocked, and absorbed  it gives the very best protection for your children & family!

Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience but can be frustrating if the previous owner left behind a major problem. One of the worst of these is a lingering marijuana smell that is persistent throughout the house. Those who don’t enjoy the smell of marijuana or who don’t smoke it likely want to get this stench out of their house. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to manage this situation.

Marijuana Smoke Can Stain Walls Quickly

When people smoke anything indoors, the smoke doesn’t just magically disappear. Instead, it floats to the walls and the ceiling and settles there. Once it settles, its detritus will stain the walls. That’s why so many old bars have yellowed ceilings. Unfortunately, these clinging leftovers will also generate a potent smell.

In some instances, the lingering smell of marijuana can last for years. Even if the person who smoked marijuana moved out of your home, that stench will remain as a reminder of their bad habits. In some instances, these smells may even influence visiting police officers to assume you are smoking marijuana and may lead to some legal complications. As a result, getting rid of that smell is crucial.

Removing the Smell from Walls

When occupants of a house move out but the smell remains, rather than reaching for the bleach and the vinegar to begin the cleaning process, consider ECOBOND® OdorDefender® is a professional-grade Eco-friendly, odor-blocking paint designed for sealing, blocking & absorbing dangerous odors and fumes from the effects of cigarette smoke, pot smoke, fire, as well as pet odors and substantially improves indoor air quality. In side-by-side comparisons ECOBOND® OdorDefender® outperformed every leading competitor on the market in key areas including price, coverage per square foot, odor absorption, stain blocking, fire & mold resistance. ECOBOND® OdorDefender®  Allows You To Save Money  Using the Best Technology Giving You the Most Protection Against Toxic Fumes & Smoke and Allows You to Breathe Easy!

If Your Walls Could Talk™-They Would DEMAND a New Generation of Smoke & Odor Protection Paint!

Homeowners and Contractors who are planning a painting project, want a solution to manage & mitigate dangerous smoke and odors to improve indoor air quality and protect families.

ECOBOND® has the eco-friendly paint solution that seals and blocks smoke and odors from existing Thirdhand smoke.

Customers who buy from us have peace of mind that their current smoke & odor issues will be mitigated while protecting their children, family, and occupants.

At ECOBOND® Paint, we know that in planning a painting project, you want to feel confident that your family is protected from pollutants and odors from tobacco and pot smoke that collect on surfaces.

In order to do that, you need an eco-friendly paint solution that seals and blocks dangerous smoke and odors from cigarette, pot, fire, as well as pet odors to dramatically improve indoor air quality and protect your family.

The urgent problem is, you didn’t realize that recent research from the National Institute of Health found that over time, pollutants and odors from tobacco and pot smoke, collect and concentrate on surfaces creating an unpleasant, potentially unsafe indoor air quality condition, and that these toxic brews, called ThirdHand Smoke, can then reemit back into the air and recombine to form harmful compounds that remain at high levels long after smoking has stopped occurring.


The bigger problem is you didn’t know that researchers say many common cleaning products with ammonia can “gassify” the Thirdhand smoke, causing it to reemit back into the air faster and could cause significant health risks to your family or building occupants.


We understand. You’re not alone!

We realize that you already avoid being around Secondhand smoke for obvious health reasons, but You don’t know what product will effectively manage & mitigate all these dangerous smoke and odors from your home which makes you feel worried that choosing a cheap, ineffective product will not protect you. You should not have to live in fear of Thirdhand smoke!


This is why we developed our revolutionary innovative technology called ECOBOND® OdorDefender® which is the best smoke odor eliminator product in the market today!


Here’s our simple 3-step Odor Management Plan for you featuring our Eco-friendly Paint: Odor blocking paint

  1. Buy! our smoke & odor blocking paint ECOBOND® OdorDefender®
  2. Apply! our eco-friendly paint directly to affected surfaces.
  3. Good-Bye! – you have sealed, blocked, and absorbed your current indoor air pollutants, dramatically lowering the risks to your family and occupants.
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